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Looking for Attention?

At the end of the day, we all just want to be heard. Putting aside the clever play-on-words, being an Attention Score keeper will help you keep on track towards getting your message heard across the channels you have chosen to broadcast. It’s hard enough to get your message across on a personal level- but when it comes to broadcasting across marketing channels, things get a lot more complicated.  That being said, it’s all about your Attention Score.  It comes down to what product or service you have to offer- and how you let people know it is at their disposal.

Stick It to ‘Em

Getting the attention you desire and deserve is possible with a strong marketing plan- specifically one that incorporates use of video.  Keep people on your website longer with a video that welcomes them, and sums up the need-to-knows about you and your business.   This is referred to by some as making your pages ‘stickier’, and is important seeing as search engines no longer account the number of page views as the ranking factor. This not only has them listening to your pitch, but ranks you higher in search engines so other potential clients are more likely to stumble upon you as well.

Scroll Troll

I don’t know about you- but a large majority of the posts that appear in my social media news feeds scroll passed my line of vision and are disregarded.  That definitely applies to posts by brands or businesses that I follow because I often couldn’t care less to read about yet another sales promotion.  It’s hard to pay attention to everything- especially with people updating their current moods, meal plans and cat memes.  Videos with catchy headlines are without a doubt less likely to be over-looked in a social media feed, especially if the thumbnail is a cat meme (although not recommended for professional purrrposes).

Sharing is Caring

The great thing about social media is just that- it’s social.  Humans are social creatures, and we love to chit chat, gossip, debate and exchange information.   If your video is entertaining, engaging and of course, relevant, you can expect to be tracking quite a few shares.  This is huge, because every time a video is shared, it is broadcasted to an audience that you probably didn’t have access to prior.  As they say, it’s all about who you know! Here are some fun facts to wrap your head around (courtesy of;

  • 500 years of YouTube video are watched every day on Facebook
  • Over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter each minute
  • 100 million people take a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc) every week

Videos are shared- a lot.  Need I say anymore?

Show ’em what you’re made of

Video is a great opportunity for viewers and potential customers to get a better feel for you and your brand/ business.  Here is where your creative direction becomes crucial. Sure, everyone loves a good laugh or a chuckle here or there, but beware of crossing into ad-vertainment territory.  This applies to commercials and promotional videos that are so focused on entertaining, that the viewer actually missed the point of the video.  In some cases, they couldn’t even tell you what company the video was talking about (well, that was a waste). That being said, you don’t want your video to be overly informative and just plain ol’ boring.  The key is to be genuine, informative, and allow your company’s personality to shine through.

Note: Using the right tone for the topic you are discussing is also important.  Funny and clever don’t apply to every situation, so be sure to develop your message’s tone wisely.

What ever it is you would like to tell the world (your target market in particular) about your business or brand, there are many reasons why video is s way to go about doing it.  By using this engaging media through a number of mediums, you are sure to boost the public’s interest in what you have to offer-without the use of cat memes.




Posted by Anthony