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Corporate Video: 6 Creative Uses

With consumer testimonial videos, infomercials, and even basic website landing page videos becoming more and more apparent, there’s no denying this is where the industry is headed. However, even with all the potential video has to offer, few businesses consider the various creative uses beyond the obvious. To break down barriers, here are a few creative uses for video within your business or organization that you may not have considered.

Training & Orientation– Perhaps the picture that comes to mind when the term “corporate video” is used, training and orientation videos are an engaging and effective way of educating internally. A number of big brands have already made the switch- it might be something for you to consider as well.

Recruitment– A lot can be said about why recruitment videos are a must when it comes to getting people interested in jumping on board. Whether it’s for hiring purposes, summer camp enrollment on post secondary recruitment, video gives viewers a feel for your brand’s personality.

Email Video– Looking to potentially double your click through rates for direct email campaigns? Placing a video will increase engagement substantially, especially if there is a specific call to action such as “visit our site, call to request a quote, or follow us on (insert preferred social media site)”.

Post-Sale Customer Support/ FAQ– I don’t know about you, but I prefer to avoid user manuals altogether and resort to it once I’ve reached a point of no return. Granted, it is not the best way to go about assembling, but technical drawings tend to miss the point of simplifying the process. A video however, makes the process of problem solving and instruction much easier for consumers to understand. For example, I purchased a juicer and after attempting to take it apart for a good part of an hour, I typed my question into Google. Sure enough, a video appeared on how to disassemble the appliance because the customer service line was becoming overwhelmed with calls about this one particular FAQ. That being said, effectively produced FAQ (perhaps answered by a company expert) and instructional videos can save you a lot of money in post-sale customer support.

Trade Show Content– Take your trade show booth from just another table to “what are they about?” with video content as a promotional tool. This not only increases your appeal in terms of professionalism and credibility, but it is an element that will help draw people in, or occupy someone while you wrap up an ongoing conversation. Besides, sometimes a compliment on that beautiful flat screen is all it takes to start a conversation and generate a lead!

Event Presentation– If you are in the business of making presentations or pitching on a regular basis, video might be the edge you’ve been looking for. It increases engagement and when done right, your credibility benefits as well as a result of appearing up-to-date or ahead of the times. It can also serve as a take-away on a branded USB to accompany whatever documents you are leaving behind. Leaving them with more is always a good way to go.

As you can see, there is more to video that meets the eye (pun intended). If you are looking to get a message across to an audience, it is an effective way of being seen AND heard.

Posted by Anthony